Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eturnal The Portsmouth Prophet

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...and much love back.  Many thanks to Eturnal, the poet of Portsmouth for taking the time out to answer the following questions:
Bee: Explain War Report Ent. Is this a movement? business? Crew? Break it down.
Eturnal:War report entertainment was a independent record label I started with some childhood friends back in 1998. Growing up I looked up to the likes of Def Jam and Russell Simmons, Dame Dash and Jay-Z with the likes of rocafella records. I liked their movement and how they put the music they wanted out without any restraints. I thought independent was the best way to go with help from a major distributor. We didnt really have a crew name just all solo artists.

Bee: Describe your style of music. Do u think it's a representation of Portsmouth, you as an individual, or both? When ppl listen, what should they take away?
Eturnal: I've been a student of hip hop since the beginning, so I've studied all the greats. My style is a mixture of the notorious B.I.G. with his storytelling, Nas with his lyricism and jay-z with his hustler mentality to name a few. It's pure hiphop in its rawest form. Saying that I try to incorporate my city at all times. I try not to sugarcoat my upbringing or the city I'm from. I've dealt with alot of pain in my life and hardships, setbacks, financial woes, etc so I just try to keep it real raw. No disrespect to any other artist doing their thing but I've never been a big fan of just talking about money, cars and jewels.

Bee: What are u bringing to the table that the game is missing?
Eturnal:Alot of energy, pain and storytelling. Lyricism is what the game is really missing right now. So I'm just trying to do my part and bring it back. Good quality music.

Bee: Explain your stage name.
Eturnal:That's a good question, I actually got the name from the bible. Eternal means to live forever or last forever. My lyrics will last forever, timeless. You'll be able to listen to my songs twenty years from now and still relate to them.

Bee: Where do u see yourself in the next 2 years in regards to your music career?
 Eturnal: I see myself in the position that god has set for me. Music is my passion so Whether its rapping, producing or dj-ing, ill be doing something with the music, definitely. Just stay consistent and continue to have that drive and passion for it.
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