Sunday, November 9, 2014

Yung Riq- Angels in My Demons


11 tracks perfectly organized from an 18 year old Norfolk lyricist that is way ahead of his time.                                                 


“This the moment you been waiting for, I’m back in my zone.”

As I’m listening in anticipation, the beat comes in a little slow and dramatic equipped with the claps to set the tone and rev up my anticipation, and then Yung Riq picks up right where he left off; those lyrics with the potent punch lines that are dope, appropriate, & intelligent separating him from other artists. This intro isn’t dissing or “hating”,Yung Riq is just saying what hip-hop heads have been thinking all along about the status quo of “hip-hop…” listen for yourself:

I love the homage to Missy of course.


“You can’t relate to your momma having to be your dad”

Short, sweet, and to the point.  This track epitomizes storytelling in Hip-Hop in less than three minutes! This is no “putting-Momma-on-a-mink-in-a-house-on-the-hill” track, this is raw and real and a story that most young artists are afraid to tell.  Listen for the subtle but deep connection of how a Mother/Child relationship can shape one’s character as adults.  Very reminiscent of Pac and Jay Z with this one, and it tugged at my soul as a Momma.  Then Yung Riq comes right in with Fatherless (segue perfection) and continues to stir up emotion.


This is for you if your pops is serving a sentence, or your whole life he been missing. Or maybe he was only there for the beginning; this for the Fatherless, I know just how you feelin. This is for you if your father was never there, maybe that nigga died, maybe he didn’t care…”

This track needs no critique, it speaks for itself.  Classic Hip-Hop. The piano and the singing add to its authenticity.  Another story that most artists would be scared to tell and arguably the best song on this project.

Crown (Feat. Amir Driver)

“My allegiance never switchin’, with my niggas til the ending, It’s just me and Murda Malc, we like the new Jordan and Pippen nigga…”

Two of the best rappers in the area team up on this gutter track that needs no critique. This is the one to bump in the streets of the 757.

It’s Nothin (Feat. Ant Mose) and Red Light Music Pt. 1 are classic sexually charged songs by Yung Riq like Break It Down (2012).

Rounds Pt. 1, 2, 3 are lyrically charged snippets that show off Yung Riq’s skills.

Three Minutes ‘Til 8 (Feat. Amir Driver)

“Niggas act like they bitch do, talk more than they bitch do, bitch more than they bitch do, and they probably bleed like they bitch too nigga!” Amir Driver

Bitch I’m from the 757 where they all got weapons, my section harder than what all y’all reppin…” Yung Riq

In closing, this project has shown that although Yung Riq has progressed lyrically as an artist through various life experiences, he still remains true to Hip-Hop and himself by never deviating from the essence of storytelling and never following the current path of rap music.

 The flow is like slow kids, in a class of its own

To listen to the complete album click here: