Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Chesapeake’s own Trixx AKA DaManWit2Xs presents Preservin My Greatness, a raw and uncut perspective of Hip-Hop in the 757. This project intermixes trap, classic Hip-Hop, and clever one-liners that together create a gutter masterpiece that showcases one of the many facets of the broad spectrum that is Hip-Hop.  After listening several times, I came up with the following questions about the artist and the project:
BEE: I listen to the album and get a dirty south trap feel but also an up top NYC vibe. Does this show your range as a 757 native/artist or were you targeting a specific audience?
TRIXX: Yeah, I was trying to show my versatility over different type of beats. If somebody hear you on a south beat, some may try to criticize and say you don't have any real bars. If they hear you on a East coast/North type beat, they might say you old school.. So I just tried to give the listener a bit of both so they can judge me as an artist "fairly" so to speak.
BEE: This project is raw, gutter, & straight to the point sprinkled in with one-liners and intelligent thoughts. What effect did you want to leave when making this mixtape?
TRIXX: I want the listener to be able to say Trixx aka DaManWit2Xs can really rap and is pretty damn good at it. I want to hear more from him! That's what I want.
BEE: -All of the featured artists are dope. What did you want to share about them and how they got on this fire project?
TRIXX: The "feature" process for this project, wow..*laughs*.. A couple of the artists who are on the project weren't initially going to be on it. I had other artist in mind but they weren't able to be a part of it for whatever reasons they had. No love lost though, it's all good.Things don't always work out the way you planned. I will say that Jay Pharoah, SNL cast member and childhood friend, was most eager to be apart of it. S/o to all the featured artists though, Jay Pharoah, Peat, J-Holmes, 3500, Black K,& G-Cryss, the project ended up coming out quite nice!!
BEE: Describe your style in your own words.
TRIXX: My style in my own words? Hmm.. Let's see.. IDK? DOPE, I guess!!
BEE: "Chalupa" is different; no bridge. It was very creative how the hook and the verses were structured the same. You said you got A's in English and your word play proves that. Did you do that on purpose?
TRIXX: You're right. "Chalupa" is kinda different, some may say I could have done without it.. It was actually one of the last tracks I wrote for the mixtape. A hook at the beginning and end with a long verse in between them. The rhyme scheme was difficult, but I managed. Yes, I meant to do it that way. *laughs*
BEE: Can you give a little background info on "
Molly" & "EPMD"?
TRIXX: The beat to "Molly" is an instrumental from producer Metro Boomin'. Originally I didn't know how the hook was going to go until I was super high late night one day,  freestyling some words to it and was like.. Oh shit, that sounds aight! Started writing my verse and I needed a bar to rhyme with Sade and the only thing I could think of was Wale. *laughs*. Ended up getting my boy G-Cryss on the track and he ran through it.. Hold ya head man! He was locked up a few weeks later.. damn smh.. I did the EPMD track for people who like to hear bars, plus its a classic hip hop beat from the group EPMD, "Please Listen To My Demo" is the name of the original song. I just wanted to give my audience quality lyrics with some thought provoking ideas as well.. "What amazes me? Is the things I see all on Twitter and on TV, sometimes evil lies in things we seek, just gotta be careful and watch what creeps.." 
BEE: What are your favorite tracks and why?
TRIXX: My favortie tracks are "Other"(outro), "Molly", and "So Good".. I like "Other" because of the feeling it gives me. Give me a feeling of inspiration or motivation, just an overall good feeling. "Molly" is my shit, because I can turn up and go dumb to it. I get the most praise for that specific track. Last, but not least is "So Good". I like the content of the song and most importantly I love Black K verse! Dude really wrote some fire. He dropped some gems up there!!
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