Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Labor Day! With this particular artist I just want to dive right into the music. Yung Riq (@Yung_Riq) released his first mixtape The Sound of Music in late 2011 and it represents him as a developing artist and also Norfolk as a ‘hood. I wanted to attach a few of my favorite tracks and give my perspective on the music.  Check it out and feel free to comment!
Made Up My Mind
When I heard the music of Chasing Pavements (Adele) I was already drawn in.  That sample used as a Hip Hop track was ingenuous.  I love the fact that the first few lyrics in the original made for a dope & relevant hook. I was hoping for deep lyrics and a story. Even though the artist was 15 at the time (yes, 15) anyone can relate to the pressures of our peers and “rubbish relationships”.  Very good song to ride to and bob to when you need a break from the norm.

Lord Knows Freestyle
“Only the Lord knows I see my obstacles; I’m just tryna avoid those…”
The music reeled me in with this track as well.  I’m a big fan of Drake and his album Take Care. Lord Knows (featuring Rick Ross) is one the dopest songs on that album and here comes Yung Riq with his own unique lyrical structure with the big gospel choir backing him like he was the original artist. There are so many lines in this particular track that you will find yourself skipping back and then replaying the song.  He could have easily taken another direction with this beat but he maintained the tone of the track; he’s honest, direct, & thorough…
“I had to teach myself how to be a man... cuz my dad still wanna be a kid like Peter Pan…”
 “I can’t conform; I’m too busy standing out”
When I heard this track I immediately thought “this is a Young Jay Z.” I meant that in a lyrical sense.  Any so called rapper can brag about things that require little to no skill but Yung Riq bought some honesty and delivered some substance with the lyrics on this one.

This title is appropriate due to the fact that the beat puts you in the 90s Hip Hop groove. And for me, I just think of Norfolk and take in the content.  You can tell Riq battle raps with this track but yet the delivery is still polished and consistent. 

Here are the aforementioned songs in order:
"Made Up My Mind"
"Lord Knows Freestyle"

To experience The Sound of Music in it's entirety, click the link below:

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