Sunday, June 2, 2013

Clever: 6 letters there's none better!

Typically when I get excited about an unsigned artist I tend to compare them to an established artist so that there's a sense of familiarity.  In the case with Clever, I have been unable to do that.  He's in his own lane. In addition to creating music that has taken a step back from the current status quo of Hip Hop, Clever , like Eturnal of Portsmouth, is an ambitious businessman that understands just recording good music wont cut it; there are additional components to becoming a successful artist. He has his own website, he has shot professional videos, and is the founder of Makin It Happen Ent.  Check out the excerpt below from Clever's personal website :
     "Clever was big into Hip Hop at the early age of 9. His pops had a huge influence on him, mainly through exposing Clever to his crazy record collection which consisted of artist such as, The Ghetto Boys, Heavy D, ABC, and many of the great oldie but goodie records. His older cousins always had the latest new music, so he stayed current on the latest releases, solely because of his passion for Hip Hop at the time. His mom was a beautiful singer, who dedicated her voice to church; this accounts for Clever’s roots in the gospel and jazz genres at such an early age. Clever often found himself listening to Kenny G or just classical music, which caused him to zone out into deep thought. Not only was it soothing, but Clever testifies that classical music is a good remedy to put him to sleep.
Some of Clever’s influences are Canibus, Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony, Wu-Tang Clan, Tribe Called Quest, Da Brat, Outkast, Biggie, Jay-z, and NAS just to name a few. You can say by being an 80’s baby, during the crack era, Clever was heavily influenced by these artists during the 90’s Hip Hop era."
The musical influences are apparent in his music.  Listen to his Started From the Bottom freestyle:
More music by Clever:
For more information about Clever & Makin It Happen Ent.:


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